1. Confirmation of Booking

  • A booking shall only be deemed confirmed after the official Sales Agreement has been issued (indicating all screening details and final terms that have been agreed upon) and signed by both parties.
  • Please note that online booking enquiry submissions, telephone calls or email correspondences do not serve as a confirmation of any corporate booking and orders.
  • Shaw Theatres is not liable for any information released to your guests based on our email / phone exchange or online enquiry submission.

2. Conditions of Sale

  • There will be no refunds/ extension or exchange for tickets and combos that are not distributed, or for guests who do not turn up.
  • No refunds or extensions for any unredeemed food items.
  • The same applies for any refused admission due to rowdy behaviour or guests found to be below the required age for certain rated films.

3. Movie Release dates:

  • Release dates are determined by the movie distributors, and at their sole discretion.
  • Kindly note that all release dates stipulated in the movie line-up are subjected to changes without prior notice.
  • Shaw Theatres has no control over the release dates and is not liable for any loss or inconvenience due to the change in release dates by the movie distributors.

4. Movie keyart and copyright materials:

  • All corporate bookings are strictly for corporate invites only and not allowed for promotional/ marketing purposes. Corporate booking does not automatically grant the licence to use movie images or related movie materials.
  • The information and movie images provided in the tentative movie release is strictly for internal reference and not for public distribution or official use.
  • Any use of official movie keyart, images and other copyright materials for any form of invitations or communications must be authorised and approved by the respective movie distributors prior to dissemination.
  • Shaw Theatres will not be liable for the use of any unauthorised materials or copyright infringement or whatsoever.

5. Movie showtimes:

  • Final movie runtime is usually provided by film distributor closer (a few weeks prior) to the movie release.
  • Final movie showtimes will only be available after we have the confirmed movie runtime.
  • Showtimes are usually available1- 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • All discussed screening times are subject to adjustments within the range of at least plus/minus 30min.

7. Film Classifications (Movie Ratings)/ Admission Conditions:

  • Movie ratings are at the complete discretion of MDA (Media Development Authority) according to the Films Act. Please ensure that your guests are eligible to attend the screening.
  • You are legally obliged to follow the official film rating even if the official rating is not available at the point of confirmation of booking.
  • Proof of age may be required at point of admission if the film is rated R21, M18 or NC16.
  • Shaw Theatres reserves the right to refuse admission if your invited guests fail to produce a photo ID as Proof of age or found to be below the requisite age.
  • There will be no refunds or compensation for any prohibition/or non-admission.

8. Admission Rules

  • Please note that children whose height are 0.9m and above would need their own ticket for admission.

9. No outside food and beverages allowed

  • Only food and beverages purchased from MovieBites are allowed in the cinema halls
  • Outside food and beverages (including door gifts or goodie bag items) are strictly not permitted in the halls.

10. Non-exclusive Booking of venue

  • Shaw Theatres reserves the right to take in other bookings / host other events on the same day in another hall at any time.

11. Delivery and collection of Items

  • Arrangements for any delivery of any additional items (signage, pamphlets, goodie bags or similar premiums) must be communicated with the Shaw Theatres Sales Team at least seven (7) days prior to the event to ensure proper procedure for delivery on actual day.
  • Shaw Theatres only accept delivery on the actual day of the event. Collection of the goods or any balance items/unredeemed combo sets must be completed on the same day after the event.
  • Delivery and collection of goods must be within the agreed stipulated time as provided by Shaw Theatres Sales Team.
  • Shaw Theatres shall not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any equipment/or property delivered or left at the premises, before, during and after the event.

12. Display and Signages:

  • No extended set up or items are to be attached, pinned or glued to the wall surface /pillars (i.e pillar wraps)/ floors (i.e floor Stickers) of Shaw Theatres’ premises or the reception area.
  • Directional signage shall not be permitted in cinema public areas except with the Shaw Theatres sales team’s prior written approval on terms to be determined by the Sales Team.

13. Logistics/ Set up/ Activities / Programs/Requirements

  • All final programs, logistics, menus, beverage arrangements, entertainment, audio-visual requirements, cinema set-ups, and time of start and end of event are subjected to approval of Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd and, must be communicated to Shaw Theatres at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event booking in writing.
  • Additional charges will be imposed for additional time required at the premises (for setup or tear down), use of audio visual/ technical equipment i.e. mikes. There will be charges or fees for any testing, and for a technical staff to be around when there are any external alternative audio or visual equipment used during the event booking.
  • All programs, plans and logistics (not limited to exhibitions, backdrop) produced and prepared by third party contractors or event organisers must be communicated in writing, to Shaw Theatres, for Shaw Theatres’ prior approval, at least fourteen (14) days before the event and any consent or approval shall be at Shaw Theatres’ absolute discretion. The external contractors must liaise with Shaw Theatres Corporate Sales team on all matters of delivery, set up and tear down.

14. Security

  • Shaw Theatres will not accept responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to any equipment or merchandise left at the cinema premises prior to, during, or after the event. Customer must take all necessary steps including buying insurance to cover such losses or damages.

15. Indemnity

  • You agree to indemnify Shaw Theatres Pte from any damages, claim, loss, liability, costs or expense that may be suffered by Shaw Theatres for any personal injury, losses incurred or sustained by any person or damage to property as a result of actions by you or any of your agents, guests or employees for using the reception area and the cinema premises.

16. Force Majeure

  • Shaw Theatres will not accept responsibility or liability for any disruption to the event or viewing caused by climate, electrical surge, evacuation and/ or emergency procedures beyond Shaw Theatres’ control. The screening will resume as soon as possible.
  • Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd shall be not liable for any loss, damage or penalty resulting from delays or failures in the delivery of service if the delay or failure results from events beyond Shaw Theatres’ control. Such events shall include but are not limited to, acts of God, wars, hostility, invasions, acts of foreign enemies, rebellions, revolutions, riots, civil wars, disturbances, requisitioning or other acts of civil or military authority, laws, regulations, acts or orders of any governmental authority, body, agency or official, fires, inclement weather, rain or floods (however caused), industrial action, strikes, lock-outs or other labour disputes, epidemics, outbreaks, embargoes or other catastrophes affecting the availability of materials or labour necessary for the performance of the booking.

17. Day of the Event / Point of Contact

  • The organiser must identify themselves to the assigned Duty Manager upon arrival on the event day.

Additional Terms and Conditions for SHAW THEATRES premiere bookings:

  • Only Food and Beverage purchased from Shaw Theatres premiere lounge are allowed in the halls. Consumption of outside food and drinks are not allowed, including door gifts or goodie bag items are strictly not permitted in the halls.
  • Food and Beverage Order for Corporate Bookings: A pre-order for Food & Beverage is recommended.
  • Seated Arrangement is required for all bookings in premiere booking.
  • Exclusive booking of lounge is not available. All speeches or activities must be conducted in the hall (for private bookings only) within the agreed stipulated hours.


  • We collect and process personal data (including relevant sensitive personal data) about you for purposes relating to this Corporate Booking with Shaw Theatres (“the agreed purposes”).
  • By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions/ signing on the Official Sales Agreement, you consent to the processing of your personal data and sensitive personal data, and the transfer to and subsequent processing thereof, for the agreed purposes and as may otherwise be required by law. Regardless of where your personal data is processed, Shaw Theatres confirms that it takes appropriate technical, physical and organisational/administrative measures to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or access. The personal data you provide will be processed subject to Shaw Theatres data privacy, data security and confidentiality policies as amended from time to time.

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