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Shaw Cinemas, Malaysia, Post War (1945-1970)
Shaw Cinemas, Post War, Malaysia (1945-1970)

Shaw Office Penang 1947

As the circuit grew around the region, head offices sprouted all over the principal cities of Malaya and Borneo. For the next two decades, almost every town in Malaysia had at least two Shaw cinemas.

They were known as the Shaw Federation cinemas.

By 1965, Shaw owned theatres in Malaysia numbered 70.

In the state of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur had the Madras, Central, Federal, Rex, Lido, Capitol, State, Sun, Rialto cinemas, Moonlight, Regal and Sky cinema.

Capitol, Kuala Lumpur

Federal Cinema, Kuala Lumpur

Central Cinema, Kuala Lumpur

Sun Cinema, Kajang

In Petaling Jaya, there was the State, Sentul and Sentosa cinemas. Over in Port Klang there existed the Lido, Kapitol and Cameron Hall; while at Kajang, there was the Sun.

In Port Swettenham, the Shaws built the Rex cinema.

In the state of Negri Sembilang, Seremban had the Capitol and Rex; Kuala Pilah had the Rex and Tampin had the Pearl.

In the southern part of Pahang, Bentong had the Sun and Rex. In Malacca, Shaw cinemas through the decades included New Rialto, Rex, Central, Sun, Capitol and Lido.

Sentosa Cinema, Petaling Jaya

Lido Cinema, Malacca

Rex Theatre, Muar

Federal Cinema, Malacca

Asiatic, Muar

In the state of Johore, Johore Bahru had the Rex and Lido; Muar had the Asiatic, Rex and Lido; Kluang had the Coronation Theatre; Batu Pahat had the Sultana, Rex and Capitol; while Segamat had Empire, Rex and Capitol cinemas.

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