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ABOUT SHAW   /   2018 Shaw Theatres’ flagship Lido IMAX hall to get new silver screen and sound system
2018 Shaw Theatres’ flagship Lido IMAX hall to get new silver screen and sound system
Shaw Theatres’ flagship Lido IMAX hall to get new silver screen and sound system
16 January 2018, Singapore - Singapore’s first and largest IMAX® hall, Shaw Theatres Lido IMAX, will be closed from 17 to 24 January 2018 for upgrading works. Upgrades will include a new high-gain silver screen and a new sound system.

It has been about seven years since IMAX arrived in Singapore when Lido IMAX screened to her first patrons in May 2011 and captivated fans with the world’s most immersive movie-going experience. With the upgrades, fans can look forward to even greater power and precision with IMAX’s next-generation sound system.

Mr. Mark Shaw, Director, Shaw Organisation Group of Companies, said: “It was a significant decision and milestone for Shaw Theatres to bring in IMAX in 2011.

It has allowed us to offer the best in movie-going experience to our patrons. We continue to believe in the quality that IMAX offers and will invest to update the technology so that our patrons can experience a movie the way the filmmaker had intended it to be.”

The new sound system has been upgraded to 12 discrete channels plus a sub-bass that can reach an entire octave lower than standard sound systems. This new IMAX 12-channel system adds new loudspeakers on the ceiling above the audience, as well as additional ones on the side. Whether you are hearing a pin drop or feeling the heart-palpating force of a volcano, you are going to have a new kind of visceral sound experience.

In comparison, the current 5.1 sound system is based on six channels of audio (front left and right; back left and right; and two centre speakers). The IMAX 12-channel system has two additional side speakers and four ceiling speakers, and is able to create sound that seems to come from anywhere in the theatre and even from overhead.

During this upgrading period, fans can continue to enjoy The IMAX® Experience at Shaw Theatres Waterway Point IMAX (Punggol) and Shaw Theatres JCube IMAX (Jurong East).

Shaw Theatres Lido IMAX will reopen on 25 January 2018 with Maze Runner: The Death Cure in IMAX 3D.

About Shaw Theatres

Shaw Theatres, part of the Shaw Organisation, was founded by the Shaw Brothers and has been operating cinemas in Singapore since 1927.

Shaw Theatres owns seven cineplexes across the island, and they feature the latest in cinema technologies like IMAX, Dolby 7.1 Surround and RealD 3D systems.

For more information on Shaw Theatres and Shaw Organisation, please visit, & connect with Shaw on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About IMAX’s Digital Theatre System

The IMAX's Digital Theatre System offers the most immersive movie-going experience possible. For a start, IMAX’s projection technology delivers crystal-clear images. The dual projection system projects left-eye and right-eye images simultaneously thus eliminating depth distortion during fastmoving scenes.

IMAX’s audio system creates laser-aligned digital sound for accurate and realistic sound images with the largest dynamic range. This enables the sound to be crisp enough to hear a pin drop and precise enough to know exactly where it dropped! Then there is IMAX’s customised theatre geometry,

which maximises your field of view. The highgain screen results in exceptionally bright images and unparalleled 3D effect. The screen is also slightly curved and sits closer to the audience, creating a larger effective screen, which is equivalent to a 20% to 230% increased in screen area.

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