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Shaw Cinemas, Malaysia, Post War (1945-1970)
Shaw Cinemas, Post War, Malaysia (1945-1970)

Lido, Ipoh, Perak

In the state of Perak, Ipoh had the Grand, Broadway, Lido, Capitol, Rex, Oriental, and Sun; Tanjong Malim had the Rex; Taiping had Lido, Sun, Rex and Capitol; Telok Anson had the Rex, Capitol, Regal and Glory; Kuala Kangsar had Rex and Empire, while Kamper had Rex.

In Penang, Shaw cinemas over the years were the Central, Eastern, Globe, Rex, Sun, Lido, Royal and Capitol (converted from the Windsor Theatre) and Federal. Over at Butterworth, the Shaws had the Rex while in Bukit Mertajam, there was the Cheok Sah Theatre.

In the state of Kedah, Alor Star had Empire, Royal and Rex; Kangar Perlis had Empire and Kapitol; Kulim had Kapitol and Coronation; while Sungei Patani had the Empire cinema.

Movie billboard at Rex, Penang

Federal, Penang

Kapitol, Kangar, Perlis

Empire Theatre, Alor Star

In Trengganu, Shaws built the Rex and Capitol. In the state of Kelantan, Kota Bahru had the Lido and Rex.

In the state of Pahang, Kuantan had the Rex, Capitol and Sun.

As a general rule, Rex cinemas were primarily English halls specialising in Hollywood and European fare while the Lidos and Capitols showed films in Chinese, Malay, Hindi and Tamil.

Daily showtimes in Malaysia numbered 4 a day because unlike Singapore, there was no morning show).

Controlling the Federation Theatres were the general managers appointed by the Shaws for each major territory.

Chin Kim Fook (right) greets Dato Harun at charity premiere of 'Red Sun', 1972

Ng Chong Fatt (left) giving a cheque in benefit of the San Min NTP Chinese School, Telok Anson

Mr Chin Kim Fook, a pioneer with Tan Sri Runme Shaw in Malaysia since the pre-war days, had the largest slice of the pie.

He was in charge of Selangor, Seremban, Malacca, Johore, Pahang and Trengganu.

Chin was headquartered in Shaw's Bukit Bintang Amusement Park in Kuala Lumpur and he had, as his assistant, Mr AV Nagaratnam for supervising East Malaysia and Mr Lee Kee Ying as Chief Liaison Officer.

Handling Perak was Mr Ng Chong Fatt, a local malaysian who joined Shaw in 1942 and was headquarted at the Shaw Brothers (Ipoh) office at Jalan Raja Ekram. Immediately after the Japanese Occupation, Mr Ng reclaimed all Shaw properties in Perak seized by the Japanese and their collaborators. During his 42 years tenure with the Organisation, Mr Ng oversaw the construction of nine cinema halls and renovation of another four.

He was also instrumental in negotiations in the purchase of various properties in Ipoh including the Rex, Capitol cinemas and the Jubilee Amusement Park grounds.

In charge of Penang, Kedah, Kangah and Province Westley was Mr Chow Deh Kong, a brother-in-law of Run Run and former manager of the Oriental cinema as well as the equipment department in Singapore. With the exception of Mr Chow, all these general managers were Malaysians.

Chow Deh Kong (right) distributing a scholarship award to Mah Swee Aun of the Penang Free School, 1965

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