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Chinese Wayang
Chinese Wayang performed at the amusement parks could be divided into 2 types: Peranakan and Cantonese forms.

Wayang Peranakan had its beginnings in the 1920s and fans of the operas could catch nightly shows at both parks.

In the New World, the Twilight Hall would be packed with a crowd of which the majority were obviously Babas and Nonyas from the Peranakan clans.

Cantonese Opera was far more popular among the locals. The plays were based on popular Chinese myths like Madam White Snake which even Peranakans were familiar with.

The plays were a long drawn affair usually lasting several days. Due to demand, troupes were recruited not only from Singapore but as far away as Hong Kong, Canton and Shanghai. Popular actors were courted by fans who bought meals or bore gifts of jewellery. Unappealing actors however, were booed or ridiculed off the stage.

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