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The Beginning 1924-1933
Shaw Yuh Hsuen
Runje, Runde, Runme, Run Run and Runfun are fourteenth generation Shaws in a line that date from the Ming Dynasty (1360).

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They are the sons of Shaw Yuh Hsuen (1867-1920), a native of Zhenhai, Zhejiang. Shaw Yuh Hsuen married Wang Shun Xiang (1871-1939) who had a total of 10 children, three of whom died at an early age.

Shaw Yuh Hsuen

Madam Wang Shun Xiang

Born in 1867, during the Qing Dynasty, Shaw Yuh Hsuen was forced to leave school for work at the tender age of fourteen when his father grew ill and could no longer support the family.

He found work at a Mr Tsai's firm in Shu Wu Town where he learnt the fundamentals of business. But it wasn't long before Yuh Hsuen found career opportunities in the small town rather lacking and dreamed of making it on his own. After his father passed away, he decided to pursue his calling in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

There, he worked for Wang Lung Shun Pigments, a factory trading in fabric dyes near the coast.

Through his keen business sense and willingness to learn, Yuh Hsuen quickly won respect not only among the other traders but also his superiors. Eventually, his responsibilities expanded and was made manager of the Wan Fung Sheng Foo Firm. After a few years, Yuh Hsuen was ready to work for himself. With his savings, he established the Chin Tai Chang Pigments Firm with several partners. This proved a profitable venture and Yuh Hsuen was able to amass a small fortune over time.

With his wealth came a charitable spirit. Yuh Hsuen himself continued to lead a humble life, but donated generously to public works in his hometown including the building of bridges and dredging of water channels. He also distributed money and grain to the poor for decades. As a conservative businessman, Yuh Hsuen did not like his sons to venture into the entertainment industry (which they did so in secret) and harboured the hope that they could follow in his footsteps.

Yuh Hsuen passed away in 1920 and he would never know the revolution his sons would unleash upon the entertainment world just a few years after his death.

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